Medstore Online Review: An Online Pharmacy with a Variety of RX Products

Medstore Online Review

Medstore Online is an online pharmacy refill center that offers prescription medicines and over the counter drugs products to people who need cheaper medication but cannot find it at home. tagline says that they can find a ‘Pharmacy which is always at hand!. They have a wide range of products fulfilled by their partner pharmacies worldwide. According to their website, they only dispense medicines from pharmacies licensed by the FDA.

If you are trying to purchase from Medstore Online, you can start by looking at the selection of medicines they have. They offer drugs for allergy, antibiotics, anxiety medicines, arthritis and pain medication, pain killers, depression treatment, birth control pills, men’s health products, migraine medication, muscle relaxant, schizophrenia drugs, sleeping pills, and weight loss pills.

Medstore Online has been around for the past 9 years. On their website, it says they started operating in 2009. They offer different options when it comes to payment such as bank transfer, e-Cheque payment, bitcoin, and credit card. Orders paid via bank wire transfer will get confirmed once the payment reflects in the system of Medstore. For e-Cheque, the payment will be processed after 5 days, once the check gets cleared. This payment option is available to US customers only.

It is not clear whether you can order prescription medicines without a prescription from Medstore Online. They are reiterating though that it is legal to order Rx medicines online. The only issue would be if your local law (country law) prohibits it, then Medstore Online won’t be able to deliver your Rx medicine.

Medstore Online Pharmacy Products and Contact Information offers a wide variety of medical drugs. They have generic and branded medicines for at least 16 medical categories. They offer cheap Diazepam, Codeine, Xenical, and Zolpidem.

If you know the name of a drug you need, you can search for it using the search button. Type the name and hit enter to get to your medicine right away. If you are not familiar which drug you need, use the category option. Say you need a pain killer, click on ‘pain killer’ and choose any of the medicines below it.

Medstore Online Contact Information

Medstore Online Contact Information

For more questions about the products that Medstore offers, you can contact them at 18 880 276 571, 08 000 885 240, and 1 800 624 475. They also have a chat support team that can answer your queries right away. Their live chat support team is available 24/7.

Aside from their chat team and phone support team, you can also contact Medstore Online via their ‘contact us’ page. Just fill out the information needed and they will send you a reply via the email address you provided.

Medstore-online Reviews

Medstore-online has a good looking website. Everything on their website is believable and the price is also enticing especially knowing that it is from licensed pharmacies by the FDA. Since we want to know if we can rely on Medstore Online in delivering what we need, we searched for customer reviews that can shed us some light.

Medstore-online Customer Reviews

The first review we found for MEdstore was shared by Marty. Marty ordered 90 ambien and got it fast. Marty added that the quality of the medicine he ordered was superb. He ended his review with a recommendation for Medstore.

The second review was from Jeff. Jeff shared that he liked the easy-to-use design of Medstore and the 24-hour live chat support team. When he placed his order, he was told to wait for three weeks, he did and got his order as advised.

The third review was from Travis. At first, he said that he felt like he was scammed and that the medicine he received was substandard. He still tried it and was happy to find it working.

As for the last review from Melinda, she said she highly recommends Medstore. Melinda has been receiving high quality medicines from Medstore and that she was happy with the customer service. She had some issues in the past like reimbursement and their team of support helped her. Melinda added that Medstore never failed her.

With these reviews, it looks like Medstore has been a reliable refill center for prescription and nonprescription medicines online. We are just not going to trust these testimonials blindly as they are a part of the shop’s web content.

Medstore Online Coupon Code

After searching the internet for coupon codes for Medstore Online, we are sorry to find none. It looks like this online refill center for prescription and nonprescription medicines doesn’t offer coupon codes. Their best offer is their medicines from trusted and reliable online pharmacies.


Medstore Online is an online refill center that you can find in the market today. A few of Medstore Online perks:

  • they offer fast shipping like door to door delivery
  • they offer guaranteed shipping or delivery. If you are not happy with your order, they also offer a money-back guarantee
  • they have the best price for any medicines online
  • they offer an online order tracking system, allowing customers to track their orders online

For more information about Medstore Online, they have different forms of reaching out to their customers. They can be reached via phone, chat and email. Also, you can consider our List of Trusted Online Pharmacies that will be a great help in selecting the best online pharmacy.