Trusted Online Pharmacy – Are There Trustworthy Drugstores on the Web?

Trusted Online Pharmacy – Are There Trustworthy Drugstores on the Web

Whenever we shop for something online, we always look for trustworthy websites to deliver what we need. It is the same with online drugstores—we often look for the ones called “trusted” or “reliable” so we end up getting what we paid for and not get ripped off or sent counterfeit products.

Online shopping for medicines is quite convenient but should entail practical wisdom. Consumers should be actively seeking legitimate online pharmacies and identify the traits that set good-natured online pharmacies apart from the illegitimate ones. Buyers need to wisen up in their search for trusted online pharmacies online web, especially now that scam sites are getting more cunning and deceitful.

Is There a Trusted Online Pharmacy Nowadays?

Yes, there are trusted online pharmacies, but they prove to be hard to find. Not all good-looking online drugstores are reliable—some scam sites have merely mastered the art of appearing legitimate before the clients.

To help you out in your trusted online pharmacy search, here are some of the important things you should keep in mind to somewhat hasten or improve your search for web drugstores:

  • Verify the stores’ licenses

A lot of web pharmacies nowadays present so-called licenses and approvals from various public, private, and national entities. For instance, most of the “Canadian” pharmacies featured on the web bear a certain CIPA Rx or a MIPA membership, to somewhat ease visitors into purchasing medicines from the shop.



To make sure that what you’re dealing with is a legitimate online drugstore, you can visit the official websites of the organizations which the stores are claiming to be a part of. If a certain Canada Pharmacy mentioned affiliation with CIPA Rx, you can check the store’s domain against CIPA Rx’s extensive database.

  • Read reviews

Customers should also read buyer opinions regarding the website in question. Reviews, especially from third-party sources (independent review sites) are the reliable ones and usually without bias. However, buyers can also rely on on-site reports as long as they are facilitated by a third-party service.

  • Check a website using domain assessing platforms

If you’re not satisfied with reviews, you can always refer to domain analysis reports from platforms aimed capable of evaluating web addresses for what they really are.

Scam Adviser Analysis Platform

Scam Adviser Analysis Platform

Websites like Scam Adviser and Scamner can help buyers discover details about the online pharmacies that are otherwise invisible to the naked eye. For instance, these web analysis platforms are able to disclose the real website age and location of the web pharmacies, as well as their popularity and their SSL encryption status.

These checks are only a few of the basic things needed whenever looking for a web drugstore to use for cheap medicine purchases.

Trusted Online Pharmacy Reviews: What Do Buyers Say About Trusted Online Drugstores?

Because online pharmacies are a hot topic for consumers right now, we searched for relevant comments from buyers regarding their experience with trustworthy web pharmacies. Here are some of the buyer discussions regarding their choice of online drugstores:

Customer Review for Trusted Online Pharmacies

Customer Review for Trusted Online Pharmacies

According to “Gale” from Durham NC, although her pharmacist did not recommend a specific trusted online pharmacy, the pharmacist directed her to CIPA’s website to help her identify legitimate online drugstores, especially the ones claiming to be “Canadian”.

Customer Review for Trusted Online Pharmacies

Customer Review for Trusted Online Pharmacies

Another customer, Lee, wrote his two cents about using trusted online pharmacies for cheaper drug purchases. According to him, “misinformation and scare tactics” are used to dissuade the consumers to search for online sources for cheaper medications. He mentioned that there are “legitimate online pharmacies” that help mitigate the rising drug costs in America. Although he hadn’t mentioned this, he may be urging the buyers to just be careful in selecting which online pharmacies to use and reinforced the existence of good-natured online drugstores on the web.

Customer Review for Trusted Online Pharmacies

Customer Review for Trusted Online Pharmacies

Phil, from Florida, mentioned that he orders his medicines from one particular online drugstore and “never had an issue”. He even related he had a pharmacist check the meds to see if they were the real deal and turns out they were authentic.

Hankiet, from Oregon, also shared how he was successful in purchasing his medicines from a CIPA approved online drugstore. The online drugstore he got his medicines from sold brand-name medicines which were cheaper than the local drugstore prices.

Trusted Online Pharmacy in Canada: How do I Find a Trusted Online Pharmacy

There are trusted online pharmacies on the web if only consumers will know how to find them.

Online Pills, Trusted Pharmacy in Canada

Online Pills, Trusted Pharmacy in Canada

In addition to the tips we’ve shared in the previous section, there are more things you can do in order to maximize your search for trusted pharmacies online, not only in Canada:

  • Use curated lists of websites

One sure way to gain access to legitimate websites is to use curated website lists from reliable sources—for instance, our TOP Vendors list where you can find the top-performing online drugstores of the year.

  • Check CIPA, MIPA, NABP or Pharmacy Checker suggestions

You can also make use of government or private agency websites to help you in your search—they can help veer you away from scam sites and make suggestions in finding the best online pharmacies around.

  • Use FDA guidelines in your search

Believe it or not, the US Food and Drug Administration released several memos concerning online pharmacy searches by consumers. You can find these US FDA tips useful in your search for trusted online pharmacies on the web.


Although the internet is a volatile place, consumers can still find good trusted online pharmacies to use on the web. Finding such stores takes dedication and patience and sometimes, it is best to consider others’ opinion on the matter. You can refer to reviews, forum discussions, domain analysis results, and even curated lists of websites to use for your drug needs—much like our list of TOP Web Drugstores for the year—to save you the time and effort in your search for reliable online drugstores.