8 and 9 Months Pregnancy

8 Months Pregnancy

Rapid growth of the brain, its parts and all the related cells do also continue even in the 8th month of your pregnancy. Now at this stage the fetus in your womb is supposed to be able to roll and kick strongly in your womb. The baby fits itself within the smaller area of womb by making the brain bones more soft and flexible. The lungs of your baby lying in the womb might not be well developed at this stage. In case if the baby born during this period then the chances of survival of your baby are a lot but at this stage the baby is quite premature. At this stage the weight of your body is approximately equal to five pounds and the length equal to 18 inches. This is the stage when your body does also see many changes.

The first is that your breast might start leaking the colostrum which is needed to be fed to the baby until milk comes in. you might also have trouble and a great discomfort in sleeping simply because of the size of your belly. At this stage the woman are asked to take many times like 4 or 5 times a day little amount of food. If you are facing problems like spot or blurry vision, fluid bleeding from vagina, decrease in baby’s movement, stomach pain, large number of contractions or the feeling that baby is pushing then it is supposed that you should consult to your medical care provider.

9 Months of Pregnancy

In this month of pregnancy the baby in your womb is supposed to be full termed developed. The lungs of baby now have become completely developed to breathe on its own. This is the time when he baby keeps down with head down position. By the end of this month the weight of your baby becomes around 6 to 9 pounds and the length is around 19 to 21 inches. The size of your belly becomes much bigger and the buttons might be protruding.

This time your bladder remains in pressure so the frequency of the urination becomes too much for you. You will feel easier breathing and every other thing just only by dropping your baby. Now it is the cervix which will dilate to become prepared for birth. It is the time for you to get extra rest because you would be very uncomfortable due to extra weight you are carrying with you. This is the stage when you should be near to your care provider for each time of the day.