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Best Price Rx is an online Canadian pharmacy that is identified as a member of the CIPA (Certified Canadian International Pharmacy). office is situated in Ontario, Canada.

Best Price Rx claims to sell original drugs at a cheap and affordable price. They sell prescription, non-prescription drugs, and even pet medications; however, unlike the common online drugstores, this shop does not have a products list immediately available for the buyers. Instead, consumers have to search for the product either by the product brand name or generic name. For some, this method will be difficult considering most consumers are merely guided by their medical condition whenever searching for their medicines and are probably unaware of their meds’ generic or brand name status.

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You won’t find controlled drugs like morphine and codeine at Best Price Rx, since these medicines may be habit-forming without proper use. Best Price Rx sells medications for conditions like erectile dysfunction drugs and has both branded and generic erectile dysfunction products. Viagra produced by Pfizer, Cialis and other generic erectile dysfunction drugs manufactured from India are the ones commonly available, and Best Price Rx has these for a good price. Before you can buy an erectile dysfunction drug from this pharmacy, you need a doctor’s prescription first—this also applies to other brand and generic medicines, as long as they are prescription-only.

According to, your privacy is guaranteed and your information is not shared with a third party. The shop has a secure payment method that ensures the safety of all transactions on the shop. This SSL security employed by Best Price Rx is the current industry standard and is therefore reliable when it comes to buyer protection.

Concerning shipping, this shop charges USD 9.99 for all kinds of orders shipped to the United States. For international orders, however, the shop charges USD 19.99 notwithstanding the drug quantity.

For questions and other concerns, buyers may reach out to this store using its numbers 1-888-487-4224 and 1-888-325-3149, but only during operating hours.

Best Price RX Reviews has been around since 2012, however, it only had received a single review from one customer who patronized the shop. Reviews usually help first time users of a particular product or services to make up their mind on whether to use it or not. We are aware that some of them are either concocted to favor or malign the integrity of a particular company or product.

According to Vic, the reviewer, he was happy with their services and also commended However, since Vic dropped this comment there has been no other comment from any other customer since 2012 till date. He rated the shop 5 out of 5 stars.

Best Price RX Review

Best Price RX Review

The site, according to Scam adviser is based in the United Kingdom but most likely operates from the United States.

We have carefully searched the internet for possible comments from customers about this site; we can’t find any apart from Vic’s. Scam Adviser results indicate that the owner of the site is from Barbados while the site is located in the United Kingdom. Coupons

Coupons are offered by most online pharmacies to their esteemed customers. Coupons offer the customer the opportunity to save some money. Unfortunately, is incapable of offering its customers such opportunity. However, Best Price Rx is giving its customers free shipping if they would buy products worth USD 99.

Most online pharmacies barely offer free shipping since they would rather send free sample pills that buyers may use to test the efficacy of the drug they’re planning on buying. These free pills often apply to erectile dysfunction medicines.

Concerning the free pills, customers may enjoy pills from Best Price Rx without having to spend anything on the store. Buyers can select their preferred freebie pills (they can select among Cialis, Levitra, or Viagra) and they can have these for free, as long as they are willing to pay for the minimal shipping charge.

Summary is a compound online pharmacy. Unlike the mainstream online drugstores, Best Price Rx does not have a rundown of its products on site, although it is still capable of fulfilling buyer orders as long as the consumers have the prescription for their medicines.

Best Price Rx sells both prescription and non-prescription drugs. This pharmacy strives to live by its name to provide drugs for the cheapest price. The minimum pill anyone can buy from is 4 pills.

However, the only challenge is that reviews were not available regarding the product and services of the company. Just one positive review about the services of this company is not enough to convince anyone about the efficacy of this online pharmacy. You may visit our list of top online pharmacies for the best online services. Those online pharmacies have been around for a while. Always follow your doctor’s advice and abhor any form of self-medication. If you intend to increase your dosage always consult your doctor. They are professionals, hence will know what is best for your health. Don’t share your prescription with a friend. Remember that health is wealth, so don’t be so anxious about buying a cheap product. Your aim and objective should be to get quality and not quantity. There are a lot of online pharmacies that sell fake and expired products.