Canada Rx Shop: Prescription Referral Service

Canada Rx Shop

Canada Rx shop is a trusted link where international prescriptions are referred to contracted licensed Canadian pharmacies, international pharmacies, and also dispensing facilities that have been approved by governments. The pharmacies will ensure that high-quality drugs are delivered which can either be generic or brand drugs at considerable rates.

Canada Rx shop is based in Winnipeg, Canada and has served clients from all over the world. When you send in a prescription for referral, you will have the option of choosing which pharmacy you wish to have your prescription sent to. You can choose to receive the drugs from a Canadian-based pharmacy or any international pharmacy that is affiliated with Canada Rx shop.

Canada Rx Shop accepts prescriptions from the UK, Australia, Turkey, the US, India, among others. They have employed qualified pharmacists who will assist you in every way to ensure that you get the right prescription drugs that will cure your complication.

How to Order from Canada Rx Shop

If you are placing an order with RX shop for the first time, you will be required to provide a prescription from the doctor.

If you have the prescription, you will then fill the order online form which will be submitted together with your personal details.

The order, authorization agreement, and the valid prescriptions should all be sent together via email or fax.

If you are seeking to buy refills, all you have to do is to send an email and your order will be processed. Any new prescription from new customers will also be sent by either fax, email or by use of mail.

Once Canada Rx shop receives your order together with the prescription, it has to be approved by a qualified Canadian physician and once this is done, it will be sent to the pharmacy where the order will again be scrutinized. If further information is required, your doctor will be contacted and if they are satisfied your order will be processed and sent to you.

Below is a sample of a form that has to be filled in by any person who wishes to buy prescription drugs through Canada Rx shop:

Part of the Canada Rx Shop order form a client is supposed to fill

Part of the Canada Rx Shop order form a client is supposed to fill

Canada Rx Shop Reviews

There are two reviews for Canada Rx shop with both customers showing satisfaction with the services they received from Canada RX shop. Marvin D says that the services were excellent and he was happy to receive the same drugs he had ordered. He also noted that the pharmacy was kind enough to call and verify if the drugs are indeed what he had ordered. Another client by the name John H says he has bought his drugs from Canada Rx shop for the past three years and he is satisfied with the quality of the services offered. He is glad that the staffs at Canada Rx Shop are courteous and pleasant to talk to.

The above is proof that Canada Rx shop does honor its promise to deliver high-quality drugs and to ensure this is done, they ensure that the customer approves his order before it is mailed to him. Just like one of the customers suggests, the best option is to give the correct contact number so that it will be easy to contact you if the need arises.

The verification process is also very strict to ensure that only what will work for you is dispensed. Your order has to pass through the hands of a Canadian doctor and a pharmacist as well to ensure that everything is in order.

Below are some reviews from customers who have transacted with Canada Rx shop:

Canada Rx Shop customer reviews

Canada Rx Shop customer reviews

Canada RX Shop Drug Prices

The prices of drugs sold by Canada Rx shop are quite low due to the following reasons:

  • The Canadian government has put a limit on the price that drug manufacturers can impose on a particular brand. This has made the drug prices to be very low compared to the prices of the same drugs in different countries.
  • All companies that sell their drugs in Canada are disallowed to conduct any form of advertisement for those drugs. This means that they will not incur any expenditure in creating awareness for their brands which will be passed on to end consumers.
  • All generic drugs are made available in Canada five years before they are sold in any country. In addition, there is a rule that the drugs must be sold at a price that is 25% lower than the cost of the brand drug.
  • The discounts offered to the pharmacies affiliated to Canada Rx Shop are passed on to the end consumers making the prices lower.
  • Competition among the different pharmacies has put in check the prices of drugs in the pharmacies affiliated to Canada Drug Shop where every pharmacy strives to win more customers by selling at a lower price.


Canada Rx Shop has offered a reliable platform for those who seek drugs online which connects them to legitimate pharmacies either in Canada or international pharmacies that sell original drugs. The shop will seek to confirm if indeed the prescription is valid before the order is processed. They will also involve a Canadian doctor who will go through your prescription to ensure it is legit and will reject it if they find a valid reason to prove that it is inappropriate. Once the doctor certifies that your order is valid, it will be passed on to the pharmacy where the pharmacist will also go through it and if there will be a need for clarification, the prescribing doctor will be contacted. This entire process will ensure that you receive the right drugs that will cure you of the illness that made you buy the drugs. You should always be very cautious when buying online so that you will not be scammed by fake drug sellers. Our guide in the list of Top Online Pharmacies will be vital when selecting the right pharmacy to buy your drugs from.