Canadian Drug Companies

Canadian Drug Companies

There are actually no specific classifications for online drugstores existing on the web. However, consumers may find recurring types of online pharmacies, like Canadian drug companies for instance. Online pharmacies claiming to be Canadian often introduce their business as Canada-based to encourage customers to trust them for their service.

What is a Canadian Pharmacy?

Since there are no classifications for online drugstores, we can say that Canadian web drugstores are merely online pharmacies operating from Canada. There’s actually nothing special about these online drugstores—they are just located in Canada. Just like online drugstores located in the rest of the world, Canadian online drugstores simply fulfill buyer orders for prescription medicines and deliver them to their consumers’ doorsteps.

There are unwritten classes of these Canadian online pharmacies—we’ve enumerated them to help you better understand these “Canadian” pharmacies:

  • Online extensions of local Canadian drugstores – Some online pharmacies are merely extensions of real, legitimately operating ground drugstores in Canada. These are, by all means, well-certified and are safer to use than the other types of online drugstores. However, these online pharmacies may not be as functional as the fully online stores—these shops may only support pickup of meds or advance orders.
  • Online drugstores based in Canada – In some cases, online drugstores are operating under a Canadian license, which means that they are located in the country. However, these stores do not have a physical shop you can visit. These drugstores are fully online so there is more risk involved in using these stores.
  • Canadian drugstores not located in the country – There are also “Canadian” drugstores only by name—these stores claim to be Canadian online drugstores but are in no way associated with local Canadian drugstores or are not at least located in Canada. These stores just decided to throw in the name Canada in their domain names or store names but aren’t in any way Canadian.

Online pharmacies, Canadian or not, seek to help their customers minimize drug costs, especially those clients located in countries where generic products are not yet in circulation. Brand prices for medicines (for instance, Viagra) are often unregulated locally, which makes them quite expensive to afford. Buyers use online drugstores since they offer bargain prices for the medicines buyers are looking for, prices that are at least 50% lower than the local drugstore prices.

It is not technically illegal to order from online drugstores and the laws covering ordering medicines online are tricky. Some countries, like the United States, consider it illegal for consumers to “reimport” medicines already exported to other countries, but it is not illegal to import medicines for personal use as long as the patients have the prescriptions for them.

Is it Safe to Order Mail-Order Prescription Drugs from Canada?

The safety of the customers depends on the store they will order their prescriptions from. Yes, it is safe to order from legitimate Canadian drugstores, but frankly, not all Canadian online pharmacies are technically safe to use. Scam sites often operate under the guise of legitimate web pharmacies and are, in truth, difficult to identify.

However, there are signs that differentiate a scam store from a legitimate drugstore, for instance, the following:

  • Prescription policy – Troublesome online pharmacies, according to the FDA, do not ask prescriptions from their clients. Prescription products, bought online or not, require a valid prescription to ensure that the patients taking them will be safe.
  • Plenty of reviews – Another thing that sets apart a legitimate online pharmacy from a scam store is the reviews. Buyers should look for online drugstores with plenty of third-party reviews to attest to their credibility.
  • Verified associations with Canadian organizations – Canadian online pharmacies are often flaunting their certifications from Canada-based associations like the CIPA, MIPA, CPA, and IPABC. However, not all online pharmacies with seals of approval from these organizations are truly legitimate; in most cases, you need to personally pay these organizations’ websites a visit to verify the truthfulness of the claims stated by most online pharmacies.

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  • Years of selling experience – A long online experience also sets apart a legitimate store from a scam shop. Most scam stores do not last for more than a year, while legit shops last for years.
  • Responsive support team – A responsive team is also one thing to look out for in a good shop. Stores which offer real contact details and are responsive to their consumers are excellent to use.

Although there are more things to consider before concluding that a store is safe to use, the qualities mentioned above are excellent markers of reliability for online pharmacies, Canadian or not.

Canada Drugs Online Review

Since Canadian pharmacies are not all legal, it is important to find ones that are actually accredited and with positive reviews. Because we’re in an age where customers are often online, it is not challenging to look for reviews for Canadian pharmacies—we’re just supposed to use search engines like Google and end up with customer reviews for specific drugstores.

Some customer comments are positive about stores, but some are downright critical, but both kinds of reviews are essential so buyers can determine the kind of shops they’re dealing with. Buyers, though, should be able to screen these reviews properly so they always end up with genuine testimonials and not inflated reports favoring the online pharmacies.


Canadian drugstores have saturated the internet and it’s no surprise that buyers are going after them due to their enticing low prices for a wide array of prescription products. Although most of these online pharmacies are legitimate, there are some stores that are not trustworthy, hence necessitating the buyers to evaluate properly the stores they’re planning to purchase medicines from. Buyers can spend time researching on which stores are safe to use or not, but they can also use curated lists like our TOP Vendors List to guide them on which Canadian pharmacies are legitimate and are therefore recommendable for use.