Canadian Drug Store – Are Canadian Drugstores Safe?

Canadian Drug Store

A Canadian drugstore is an online pharmaceutical store that claims to provide easy access to prescription and nonprescription medications at a discounted price. Most Canadian drug stores also claim to be safe and offer deals that can save customers as much as 90% on medications and since the price of prescription-only medication rises on a regular basis, many individuals have decided to only purchase drugs from foreign countries like Canada that may not charge as much as in retail drug stores and with the ever-increasing cost of healthcare in different countries, Canadian pharmacies are becoming very popular especially since people see them as an effective method to save time and money.

Canadian pharmacies are renowned for selling relatively cheap prescription-only drugs to buyers from around the world. These drug stores must have been accredited by the Canadian International Pharmacy Association (CIPA) for meeting the required standards including – always requiring a prescription from customers, distributing only medications that are approved and following any set regulation strictly, however, most Canadian online pharmacies today sell medications that are not approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and could be termed illegal since most of these medications are not even made in Canada but are imported from foreign countries where there are no strict regulations to guide the drug manufacturing process.

A legitimate Canadian drugstore carries out services that are very similar to those provided by a local retail pharmacy with the major difference in the method by which customers request and receive medications. These stores usually have available in-house physicians who can review a patient’s request for a medication and write a prescription if need be. It is important for buyers to avoid rogue pharmaceutical sites that may utilize malware and engage in identity theft. To be safe, some individuals even choose to buy drugs locally and make use of variously available discounts to help save money instead of saving big with an illegal Canadian drugstore that may end up causing more damage healthwise than good.

Canadian Drug Store Review by Customer

To find out reliable information about any Canadian drugstore prospective buyers are usually advised to search diligently and read real customer reviews about their experiences when purchasing medications with these drugstores. These reviews are of importance since they play a vital role in the choice a prospective buyer has to make when choosing a Canadian drugstore. These user reviews from those who have purchased medications from Canadian drugstore are mixed thus, while some found it worthwhile to consider Canadian pharmacies, a number of Individuals were disappointed and not satisfied with these drugstores. A few of these customer reviews are shown in the screenshots below

Canadian Drug Store Reviews - https://www

Canadian Drug Store Reviews - https://www

Canadian Drug Store Reviews –

Ed, a customer from the United States who has used a Canadian drugstore commented that the very first time he placed an order using a Canadian drugstore, he received medications that were not genuine. He, however, agreed that there are reputable Canadian drug stores that sell authentic medications but he was not happy as about 4 months after he placed the order, he discovered that someone tried to use his credit card details from the United Kingdom to make a purchase. He concluded by advising buyers not to use Canadian drugstores.

Another customer from Kansas city strongly advised that Canadian drug stores should be avoided. This user was not happy that these Canadian drugstores always call customers unnecessarily and that they are usually rude and abusive to customers. He ended up advising that it is best not to use a Canadian drugstore since they end up causing unnecessary inconveniences.

How To Find Reputable Canadian Online Pharmacies

Since most Canada drug stores, especially those that provide online services for its customers are illegal, prospective buyers are naturally curious as to whether it is actually possible to find a Canadian drugstore that is properly licensed and approved by legitimate health bodies to dispatch and ship out prescription drugs to customers. While this may prove to be a difficult task for some, there are a few reputable Canadian Drug stores that provide great services to customers.

Online-Pills Pharmacy is a reputable Canadian drug store that may be considered legitimate since it is regulated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

Online Pills Canadian Pharmacy

Online Pills Canadian Pharmacy

This online drugstore claims to provide high-quality medications gotten from dependable manufacturers and licensed pharmacists medicines Prospective buyers may also search for the approved seals of various independent health bodies and must choose to always associate with online pharmacies that make available their physical location.

Given that there is high risk attached to purchasing medications from online foreign pharmacies, especially from an illegal Canadian drug store, it is best for a buyer to stick to well-established websites when considering buying prescription-only drugs online as well as online stores with good customer feedback about the quality of drugs they received. It may also be necessary to choose a Canadian drug store that is associated with a legitimate local drug retailer in Canada that can accept orders for prescription drugs.


A Canadian drug store may be helpful in providing easy access to medications especially those that require a prescription from a physician and since they offer these medications at competitively low prices most persons prefer to purchase from a Canadian drug store in a bid to save cash and time, however, most Canadian drug stores have been labelled as illegal since they not only sell medications that may not have been manufactured in Canada but are sourced from countries with no strict regulation to guide the drug-making process.

Online reviews from different customers who have purchased medications from different Canadian drug stores were not pleasant and most persons were not satisfied with their experiences especially since they received fake medication, were victims of identity theft and were constantly disturbed by spam emails. There are however reputable Canadian online pharmacies where buyers can purchase genuine medications that are affordable and to easily find them we have compiled a list of top recommended online pharmacies.