Canadian Pharmacy Ltd: Finding A Pharmacy That’s Right For You

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Medications have helped save millions of people’s lives, as well as making sure that many persons able to live a complete life despite a terrible condition that they might have. Pharmacies serve the public by dispensing needed prescription pills when the consumer needs them. However, a new kind of pharmacy has been conquering the market, namely Canadian pharmacies. What makes them so popular amongst people who need medications is that they sell them at more affordable prices than the ones people are used to, while still giving out good service. So how would an online Canadian pharmacy like Canadian Pharmacy Ltd compare to their celebrated real-life counterparts?

Canadian online pharmacies were created in response to the steadily rising price rates of medications in developed countries. They were meant to provide satisfactory service while dispensing needed medications and shipping them to the client’s home safely and securely.

However, dabbling with online pharmacies has an equal chance for risks and payoffs. While you could possibly have one of the best experiences you’ve had while purchasing meds, you also put yourself in the position to be potentially scammed by a fake pharmacy that is selling counterfeit drugs. Take for example Canadian Pharmacy Ltd. Searching that online will not turn up a website, but if you look deep into the long list of pharmacy sites that are NOT recommended for use as listed by the NABP, you can find a few of the Canadian Ltd sites listed, and if you follow the link to it, no website will show up, prompting us to believe that the site was taken down due to being a fake pharmacy.

My Canadian Pharmacy Ltd

Many people may not know this, but the Ltd found at the end of many companies’ names stands for Limited Liability, which means that a company and its owners exist separately and are not directly affiliated with one another financially. If the company goes bankrupt or gets into trouble, the owners have no responsibility to bail them out. This ensures that owners don’t take a fall when their companies do, and in the context of online pharmacies like My Canadian Pharmacy, this is a smart move.

My Canadian Pharmacy Homepage

My Canadian Pharmacy Homepage

While the homepage might seem tame with just one look and it would be difficult for you to find any indication that you cannot actually trust this website, it is in the small indications that are missing with a thorough sweep. If you check closely, you can see that the site does not require you to have a prescription in order to buy, which is illegal for a real pharmacy. Such small details can go overlooked, and you’ll find yourself at the mercy of a pharmacy with your credit card information.

Canadian Pharmacy Ltd Review

Since the Canadian Pharmacy Ltd websites themselves have been taken down and are inaccessible, we could not find any reviews, and any given now would be useless at this point. However, there is a great help in finding and reading reviews for online pharmacies, especially when you’re feeling skeptical.

CIPA Homepage

CIPA Homepage

One way to determine an online pharmacy’s trustworthiness is to find a system that is attempting to regulate and certify online pharmacies in a way that lets consumers know they are reliable and acting in accordance with the law. While the internet is a difficult place to bind with traditional laws, there are some organizations out there, such as CIPA for Canadian pharmacies that attempt to address the growing problem of rogue pharmacies by giving proper accreditation to legitimate drugs. Finding their logo will help you get an assurance of quality and service.

eDrugSearch Homepage

eDrugSearch Homepage

Another website called eDrugSearch has been used for years now as a directory for a number of certified online pharmacies from Canada. Not only can you check whether they have the proper license and correct information such as their physical location and contact information that was given, but you can even browse through the drug prices across these sites to find the one best suited to your budget.

Canadian Pharmacy

One example of a Canadian pharmacy that has gotten a good permutation so far is Pharmacy Mall. They have aclearly put up their policies and their order process for newcomers who may have confusion over this. And if you still have questions, you can rely on the customer service staff.

Canadian Pharmacy Website

Canadian Pharmacy Website

This pharmacy is also found to be approved by the CIPA and Pharmacy Checker, which have confirmed many of the given information on the website and have certified it as a legitimate establishment. While you can never be 100% sure of a pharmacy’s reliability, this is certainly one way to start off right.


Canadian Pharmacy Ltd may be a pharmacy you’ve never heard of, and for good reason. The site no longer exists, no matter how many variations of the name you enter into the search bar, and it’s good riddance, too, since any existing mentions of the pharmacy point it to being an unreliable site that could possibly do more harm than good to its customers. While there are still plenty of Canadian pharmacies out there that are worth giving a look and investing your money into, you will need to be sure of your choices before you proceed with purchases. Sites like CIPA and eDrugSearch can help confused and conflicted clients find credited pharmacies with whom to do business. If you want to check out our selection of online pharmacies, you can check out our top picks and recommendations here.

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