Alinshop – A Steroid Store with Shady Reputation

Alinshop - A Steroid Store with Shady Reputation

Alinshop Website

Alinshop is an online steroid shop that supplies steroid and is operating in the US. Although the main operation of this web store is in the US, Alin delivers anywhere in the world. Alinshop offers injectable and oral steroids. They also have anabolic steroids that are used in cycles. If you are starting in bulking up, you can take advantage of their prepared cycles, if you are a seasoned bodybuilder, you can check their muscle enhancers and anabolic steroids. Their prepared stacks are all prepared for any type of body and muscle builders.

Here are the things that Alinshop offers to their customers:

  • They offer next day delivery to all US customers
  • They deliver orders in discreet and plain packaging
  • They do not have hidden charges like importation tax fee for international deliveries
  • They offer genuine steroid and anabolic products
  • They do not support counterfeit medicines

According to their website, Alin offers products that professional bodybuilders can use. They offer different brands of bodybuilding products, stacks, and cycles. Depending on your goal, you can choose to have a bulking cycle, an intermediate bulking cycle or a cutting cycle. You can also choose to have a 4-week cycle program or 8-week cycle program. Regardless of your choice, Alin got everything that you need to start your road to fitness.

Aside from bulking and cutting cycles, they also offer Balkan Pharmaceuticals products and Stealth Juice. Among the Stealth Juice, they have are Deca-Durabolin, Masteron, Parabolan, and Nandro Phenylprop.

Alinshop Reviews 2017

On their website, Alinshop says that they are the most popular website for bodybuilding products especially when it comes to steroids. Customers who are into bodybuilding are enticed with the wide selection of steroids, cycles, and stacks that Alinshop offers. This is not surprising since they have programs to offer at a very affordable price. However, can you really trust Alinshop?

Alinshop Reviews

According to customers of Alinshop, this website shouldn’t be trusted. It looks like they have a lot of complaining customers. One customer said that he didn’t receive his order after paying in a Western Union branch. This customer seems to trust Alinshop because of its enticing products and offer. He even planned to purchase PCT after his first order but because of the issue he had with the first order, he no longer has any desire to use Alinshop.

The second review we found for Alinshop was from an existing customer of Alinshop. According to this customer, he had been using Alinshop for his bodybuilding products and had no issues at all. This customer started to have an issue with his January order and he felt like he was using a new website and not the old Alishop. He said he lost $538 with his last order and received none.

To sum it up, it looks like Alinshop doesn’t have a good reputation as an online website. Some forums say that Alinshop has been around for more than a decade now but it was just recently that they had customers reporting issues about them. For your safety, always check your online store thoroughly before making a purchase. If you are not sure which online pharmacy to use, you can check our list of top rated online pharmacies. If you found a store to use, thoroughly check their customer reviews and make sure that you are reading legit reviews from verified users.

Alinshop New Website

Alinshop is the new name of Ashop, a 10-year old website that offers and distributes steroids online. When Ashop was still operational, they offer other products aside from steroids. They also offered weight loss drugs, UG products, and drugs that can enhance sexual performance among men. Alinshop today mostly offer steroids and anabolic.

Ashop was changed to Alinshop because different forums are now talking about how Ashop became a scamming website. Ashop slowly earned negative reviews from its users although there are some returning customers who are saying that they used to trust this steroid online store.

Ashop Review 2017

A quick search of Ashop reviews leads us to forums where users are asking about Ashop and its services.

Ashop Review 2017

One information we found was from Keapx21. He posted a question about Ashop asking if any of their users have a contact email for the said steroid online store. Kepax21 also asked if anyone knew of the delivery timeframe of Ashop and if it is a legit store.

According to Gearhead, he read a thread of messages about Ashop and how they selectively scam their customers. In the forum he shared, it showed that Ashop customers are receiving their initial orders but succeeding orders are mostly going missing or undelivered.

Ashop Reviews 2017

Another forum we found that talks about Ashop confirmed what other forums are saying about Ashop, it is a scamming website but they do it selectively. It means that some customers are receiving good service while others are not receiving their orders at all.

For steroid users or newbies who want to try steroid and buy it online, it is best to check your e-store first before making an order. One source of information about e-stores is forums. Read forums and reviews to know more about the store you are eyeing.


Customers order medicine and their needed steroids online because it is cheaper. Most stores also process orders without much question. Alinshop is one of them. Alinshop is a known store that offers steroid products. Their website looks very simple and easy to use. Before making an order, you need to create an account first. Once your account is activated, you can start checking the three types of steroid products they are offering. We liked the simplicity of their store and their offers, newbies can certainly take advantage of the cycle and stacks they are offering. The question is, can you trust them?

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