All Day Chemist – An Online Pharmacy With Great Customer Reviews from a Third-Party Website

All Day Chemist - An Online Pharmacy With Great Customer Reviews from a Third-Party Website

All Day Chemist Website

All Day Chemist is a generic drug distributor online. This internet pharmacy offers generic medicines that cost less as compared to medicines offered in local pharmacies. All drugs offered by All Day Chemist are bought from known pharmaceutical companies such as Cipla, Ajanta Pharma, Sun Pharma, Intas Pharma, Pfizer, GSK, and Torrent Pharma. Most of these companies are Indian pharmaceutical companies and are the biggest in India.

All Day Chemist was established by Indian pharmacists. All medicines shipped to their customers are packed in India and are sent out from India. Aside from India, they also have partner pharmaceutical companies from the UK, Mauritius, New Zealand, and the US. A business that started in 2002, it is one of the growing online pharmacies that you can find online today.

Although they only ship generic medicines, All Day Chemist still require a prescription before dispensing Rx medicines. In their main page, they have listed two major categories of medicines being offered, eye care products and men’s health. They also offer other medicines such as beauty and skin care products, asthma medications, herbal products, and supplements.

All Day Chemist Reviews

With so many online pharmacies surfacing on the World Wide Web, how would you know if you are dealing with the real thing? One of the risks of purchasing medicine online is the receiving a fake or counterfeit medicine. In an effort to check if All Day Chemist is a website to trust, we used the internet to check for its customer reviews.

All Day Chemist Reviews

For customer reviews for All Day Chemist, we found some from Trust Pilot. Trust Pilot is a verified third-party review website that monitors customer feedbacks. They ensure that only verified customers can write a review for a certain company or product. As for All Day Chemist, here are some of the reviews we found.

A review written by Jillian was the first one we saw. Jillian gave All Day Chemist a 5-star rating saying that it was a great store. The product he received was exactly the one he ordered.

The next review we found was shared by Philip. Philip shared that he has been using All Day Chemist in the past years and never had an issue. Philip has also recommended this e-store to his friends because of his good experience.

The last review we found was shared by Diane. Diane gave All Day Chemist a rating of 5 stars saying that she highly recommends it. According to Diane, ordering with All Day Chemist allowed her to find out where her order was from the moment it left the warehouse to the exact time it will reach her. Diane added that she will definitely order again from this e-store.

AllDayChemist Review

Another review we found for ADC was written by Gary. Gary gave the site a 5-star rating saying that it is a top-notch online pharmacy. He added that he never had any issue ordering from them hence he considers them the best online pharmacy.

These reviews for All Day Chemist are very promising and inviting. If you are looking for a reliable online drugstore to use, you can check All Day Chemist. We also have a list of top rated and highly recommended online pharmacies that you can check if you are still undecided on which e-store to trust.

Is AllDayChemist Safe?

Our safety as an online buyer is one of our main considerations when making orders online. We want to be sure that we are going to receive real products, not counterfeit ones.

Is ADC safe? You can find this real question on the FAQ page of All Day Chemist. Before ordering with this e-store, you might have checked if you are dealing with a safe website. According to ADC, their record of accomplishment since 2002 can prove that they are one of the legit online pharmacies on the internet today. They have been building their name more than a decade ago and continued to do so even if the competition among online pharmacies is too stiff. ADC is also proud that most of their customers are referral customers and are returning customers.

To date, ADC is using McAfee for their web protection and they have SSL security certificate for their customers’ privacy. They also have the DMCA logo, which means that this website is protected and monitored. Overall, using this website is highly encouraged because of their high trust rating based on the Trust Pilot Review result.

All Day Chemist Coupon

If you want to get more discount from ADC, you can click on the Coupon button and you can get a list of medicines that are currently on promotion.

All Day Chemist Coupon

For coupons, they offer 40% and 10% off on selected medicines. They also offer a ‘double pill’ sale, which means that if you will order 10 of their qualifying products, you will get 10 more free. Most of their erectile dysfunction medicines are on ‘double pill’ offer.

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All Day Chemist is your store to go to if you want to order high-quality generic medicines. An internet store offering affordable medicines, ADC is one of the few generic stores that ask for a prescription medicine before issuing an Rx drug. They also offer a wide range of medicines and they only order from top pharmaceutical companies that produce generic drugs. They offer different brands of generic erectile dysfunction medicines as well. If you are not yet sure whether you want to use All Day Chemist, you can also check our list of online pharmacies recommend for newbies like you. Be aware that there are plenty of scammers online and some are posing as a legit online pharmacy.

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