Rxgood – Your Prescriptions Can Cost Less than 30%

The common complaint that we came across when we first started dedicating our time to investigating pharmacies is the fact that Rx medications are expensive. This is something that affects everyone including people who don’t necessarily need the Rx meds. The problem has gone ahead to affect the people who need over the counter meds every once in a while. The only mistake that people who are paying exorbitant prices are making is that their drugs are still originating from the pharmacies they find a short distance from their homes. The solution to saving your cash while receiving high-quality meds has always been available on the web.

Rxgood - Your Prescriptions Can Cost Less than 30%

Rx Medications

Sure, you can be able to get insurance plans in your country and use it when you are buying meds. But, one thing we have noticed is that insurance companies are trying as much as they can to lower their expenses on their drugs. The recent data shows that about 25 to 80% of the medication prices are being covered by the consumer. This is quite hard given that a simple drug may cost even thousands of dollars every month. One thing that has helped people manage to pay for their drugs is some of the prescription applications which compare drug prices in different pharmacies and then suggest the pharmacies that offer the lowest prices. The question is, which are these apps?

GoodRX App: Medicine Prescription App

The most popular prescription App is known as GoodRx. This is a program that has both a website and a mobile app. This program scans more than 70,000 pharmacies that are present in the united states while looking for the cheapest pharmacy and the best prices. The website and mobile app will help you do a comparison of the price of the drug that you wish to purchase. GoodRx also offers drug coupons. We searched for this prescription app reviews in order to see whether GoodRx really helps people save their money.

GoodRx Review

Betty states that she has used GoodRx coupons and she has received the correct online prices from the website. GoodRx coupons have saved her money when compared to cash prices and insurance. Betty says that she understands that not all pharmacies have to participate and hence the GoodRx user needs to check the GoodRx website for the best price which may vary from pharmacy to pharmacy. She recommends GoodRx to anyone who requires expensive medication.

Good Rx Testimonials

Cindy N. says that she is only using one medication which she pays $36 only for a 90-day supply for the last 4 years. She was recently told that her insurance would not cover the drug and she would now have to pay $67. She was able to find GoodRx and using them, she was able to pay only $19. She says that she will never use insurance price again without checking GoodRx first.

Spencer says that he does not really know how GoodRx benefits from their service but as a consumer, he doesn’t derive any benefit. He has attempted using the service three times and the price was always 200 to 250% than the GoodRx estimated price. The price was higher than his insurance price.

There are numerous reviews for GoodRx. The majority of them are positive. There some of the people who say that they have not experienced the benefits of using GoodRx but this number is very small. This leads us to conclude that GoodRx may be useful to people living in the united states. However, you will get much cheaper prices for your Rx drugs if you use the pharmacies in our catalog. The prices are much cheaper than even what GoodRx has to offer.

Prescription Drugs List

Depending on where you live, the drugs which require you to have a valid doctor prescription before you can get them are different. This means what may be considered to be a prescription drug in the United States may be an over the counter drug in a Country like the United Kingdom. The prescription drug list that we have here is for the Canadian citizens:

Prescription Drug List

The prescription drug list indicated above is only partial. To find the full prescription list, you may need to visit the official Canada website. To be safe when ordering meds online, it is important that you know what your country’s law considers to be prescription drugs. This will keep you safe.

Prescription Drugs Online

Throughout the article, we have been mentioning that it is possible to get Rx medications online at a better and cheaper price. But, we have not really proven this. To prove this to our readers, we will use a price list from an online pharmacy that compares the price for prescription drugs in the local stores with the one that you will find online. The following is the price list.

Prescription Drugs Online Prices

The good thing about buying your prescription drugs online is that you will not only enjoy cheaper prices, but you will get a chance to use coupons to save more money. The most expensive drug in the above price list will cost you only 14% of what you are paying at your local store. The lowest price that you will pay is 3%. Low prices do not necessarily mean that you are getting a good Rx drugs deal. Sometimes they mean you are being conned. But, there is no way to tell whether you are being conned or getting a good deal. This is why we advise that you avoid random pharmacies.


Despite the availability of insurance plans and prescription apps such as GoodRx, people are finding it hard to get good deals on their Rx drugs when they are purchasing them in the local stores. This is why we have dedicated our time to help these people know what needs to be done so that they can enjoy great drug prices. We have a catalog that has top-rated web pharmacies. If you want to reduce your drug prices by over 90% and not get scammed, this is the catalog we recommend to you.

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