Malfunctioning of Immune System Through Lupus

The lupus is a disease related to malfunctioning of immune system of any person called the autoimmune. In case of this autoimmune disease the immune system of the body becomes hyperactive which then is also supposed to attack various healthy and normal tissues. Swelling and inflammation are the problematic things in which it results it. Sometime this disease does also caused damage to the portions of the body like the lungs, heart, blood, kidneys, skin and the joints as well.

The work of the immune system in the normal body is to make the antibodies which are then used to protect the parts of body from various threats. Bacteria and viruses are the major things from which the immune system is supposed to prevent you from.

If the body is suffering from the lupus disease then it causes to malfunctioning of the immune system by making it unable to identify that which are the healthy tissues and which are the antigens. This then causes to direct the antibodies against to the healthy tissues not against the antigens by the immune system. As a result of which there are several problems which are supposed to get in the people. These problems generally include damage, pain and swelling to the tissues.

Signs and symptoms to recognize lupus

On seeing the many cases of lupus you could easily be able to observe that there are no two cases of lupus disease which are exactly similar. This is because the symptoms of each one of them are quite different. The symptoms related to lupus can be represented in a wide range. They are also known to affecting the various parts of the body. Sometime the signs and symptoms of lupus disease develop slowly but appear on the parts of body instantly. These symptoms can be permanent, temporary, severe or mild. The people suffering from lupus usually feel symptoms in one or two parts of the body only however in other case the symptoms are spread to the lungs, heart, nervous system, blood and kidneys.

The most well-known symptoms related to that of lupus are

• Swollen joints, arthritis and achy joints like of hands, knees elbows and ankles
• Kidney problem may result in swelling in feet or hand
• More than 100 degree Fahrenheit fever
• Extreme and prolonged fatigue
• Skin rashes or lesions especially for the back, neck, face, hands and arms
• Anemia
• Shortness of breath or pain during deep breath
• Light / sun sensitivity
• Hair loss
• Abnormal blood clotting
• Seizures
• Nose or mouth ulcers
• Weight loss and
• Dry eyes