Medstore-online: Is Medstore Online Legit?


Medstore-online claims to act as a broker on behalf of several pharmacies and offers safe and reliable alternatives to local retail drug stores and other online pharmacies that attach high prices to medications.

It also asserts that any medication dispatched and shipped to a consumer is prescribed by licensed physicians and that their affiliated pharmacies are licensed and follow the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) regulations strictly. This online drugstore also provides prescription services making it easier for buyers to purchase prescription-only products. The process of obtaining a prescription on Medstore-online is similar to that of other legitimate online pharmacies as patients are required to answer a medical questionnaire which will be reviewed and approved by a physician.

Online buyers are usually interested in having a variety of options to choose from, however, the number of medications available on Medstore-online is limited since only sixteen categories are found on the website including pills for allergy, birth control, anxiety, arthritis, insomnia, depression, weight loss, men’s health just to mention a few and so customers looking to find a variety of products may not be impressed with the fact that only a few medications are available in each of the different categories. Medstore-online claims that its mission is to satisfy customers and to do this they assure customers that they will continually search for opportunities to further decrease the cost of medications.

When customers place an order from this drugstore, they are only allowed to choose one shipping method which is by Registered International Airmail and the average shipping time is about 17 to 28 days. The shipping rate of Medstore-online costs an additional $30 for every order and customers are allowed to choose to receive an update on the status of an order right from the placement up to the delivery. In case of questions and complaints with regards to an order, this online drugstore offers a free of charge re-shipment or a full refund of the amount paid as long as customers report the problem as soon as possible. Coupon Code

Although there were no coupon codes available on the Medstore-online website, buyers are offered different discounts that can be used to save cash. These discounts come in the form of decreased prices of medications. Currently, there is a huge discount for all lifestyle-drugstore products thus, customers who want to save as much as 25% when purchasing generic medications to manage erectile dysfunction can do so directly from the Medstore-online website.

Medstore-online Discount Offer

Medstore-online Discount Offer

The news section of this online drugstore also contains information about various discounts and reduction in prices for different medications. For example, customers were informed of the price drop in Codeine, Diazepam, Alprazolam, Lorazepam, Nitrazepam, Zolpidem and Tramadol in the news section thus, buyers who want to purchase any of these medications may not have to use coupon codes as Medstore-online claims that buyers can save more with these discounted prices.

Customers are also offered discounts when they use certain payment methods like bitcoin and e-check as shown in the screenshot above. Those who want to pay with bitcoin will get an email with the Bitcoin address for Medstore-online and after payment is confirmed, buyers get a 20% discount whereas, those who choose to pay by Echeck are offered a 15% discount. Customers are also advised that in order to get the best discounts, they should feel free to contact Medstore-online using the provided telephone numbers.

Medstore-online Review by Clients

One customer commented that although he placed an order for a particular drug with the right address, Medstore-online shipped it to a wrong address and that when he tried to contact the online drugstore, he was blocked from contacting them and they kept advising that he report the situation to his bank.

Medstore-online Reviews

Medstore-online Reviews

He also noted that since he paid using e-check, the bank would likely not be able to do anything to help him and he ended by advising prospective buyers to be careful and not buy medications from Medstore-online.

Another customer was not too pleased with the services offered by Medstore-online

Another customer was not too pleased with the services offered by Medstore-online. He complained that he never received the order he placed using the website and that when he contacted this online drugstore he was promised a refund, however, after two months had gone by he still did not get a refund instead Medstore-online advised he contact his bank as they claimed not to use the payment provider he chose to make payment with.

Martin, another customer who has once used Medstore-online comments that after making a purchase he was always getting unwanted emails from this online store and even at his home address. He said he received up to seventy of such unwanted emails per day. He was not happy with this outcome and was not sure he would try purchasing medications from them again or even trust them. He concluded by saying Medstore-online carried out suspicious activities.


Medstore-online claims to be a safe alternative for purchasing medications at a cheaper rate and that it only sells genuine medications that have been approved by the Foods and Drugs Administration. Customers who hope to obtain prescription-only medications from this online drug store are also permitted to do so and may do so only when the prescription has been reviewed and approved by a physician. With only a limited category of medications and the non-availability of a variety of shipping methods to choose from, prospective buyers may not be totally satisfied with the services offered by Medstore-online.

Medstore-online has a dedicated news section which it uses to inform its customers of the changes in the prices of medication as well as current discounts offered on certain medications. Although there were no coupon codes found on the website, buyers can still make use of the various discounts on medications and payment options to get reduced prices for drugs. Customer reviews for this online drugstore found on third-party websites were not positive and most suggested that other customers stay away from Medstore-online.

With the increase in fake online pharmaceutical store that aim to dupe buyers and end up not delivering the required medication or worse still shipping illegal drugs that may cause serious damages when taken, it is important for buyers to search for legitimate pharmaceutical vendors before attempting to purchase online and to make things easier we have compiled a list of top recommended online pharmacies that ensure buyers get their medications on time.