Mexican Online Pharmacies

Mexican Online Pharmacies

Mexican online pharmacies are on the rise. Statistics from United States studies show that the number has tripled if not doubled in the last five years. Most of the customers that buy from the Mexican pharmacies are Americans. The factors attributed to this are the low prices offered on the medications as well as the relaxed drug business environment in Mexico. It is reported that, in Mexico, one only needs a business permit to operate a pharmacy whether online or traditional. Those selling have a lower threshold too. The medications sold in Mexico are sourced from the local pharmaceutical manufacturers. These companies are either standalone drug-makers or subsidiaries of the US-based companies. Besides the local sourcing, some of the drugs come from as far as China and India.

A Mexican Drugstore

Online business is now the way to go, and most people are fast adapting to doing things online. It comes convenience as you can purchase from anywhere. Drug business too is one sector that has embraced online selling. It is now easy to buy far from where you live or even in a foreign country. People want their drugs delivered to them with little hassle, and Mexican online pharmacies are promising them that on top of cheap drugs. Some of the major pharmacies in Mexico include Salon San Jose, Masia d’Amer, and medicines Mexico.

Even with the offer of competitive prices on the drugs, it is still essential to be cautious about the medications that you are ordering from Mexican online pharmacies. Cheap has always been associated with counterfeits, but it may not be the case. It can be a subject of free markets though or any other favorable factor. There has been Taking time to search through the internet reviews to pick on a right vendor to buy from. Scam advisor sites can assist you to sieve through the legit and the bad drugstores. Top rated stores usually are safe to trade with. Food and Drug Agency at some point raised the alarm on some medications from Mexico as counterfeits at a percentage of 25% which should get you keen when you want to buy from the country.

Mexican Online Pharmacies Reviews

Customer reviews especially those from independently published sites are an eye to gauge a company, its service, or its product. A path that has been traveled upon has a mark and strangers would be comfortable going through it if the testimonies of previous experiences are positive. Similarly, good customer reviews play a significant role in shaping the decisions of would-be customers of a particular product.

Comments on Mexican pharmacies online are hard to come. It seems that there are not many people willing to offer their feedback about the pharmacies they have dealt with. However, we did manage to get some excerpts of discussions from a trip advisor site. One contributor to the forum says that he loves the low prices for medications. He is also happy with the kindness of the Mexican pharmacies. Yup, another reviewer seems to suggest that the pharmacy he ordered from is not keen on prescription from the doctor to give sell you the medication. To this, he is comfortable.

Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews


The reviews as they appear above should not be construed to mean an endorsement to Mexican pharmacies but help in giving more information. Medicines and drugs, when taken accordingly, have positive impacts on the body. It can also have negative implications if misused. It is with this view that we strongly advise that you buy drugs from sites that have a good reputation. Top rated drugstores usually are the best to buy from. Avoid those that may give you prescription medications with no proof of prescription.

Are Mexican Pharmacies Legit?

The question legitimacy of Mexican pharmacies is dependent on some factors. One of the elements includes accreditation from internationally accepted bodies like Food and Drug Agency as well as strict adherence to standards governing the drugs industry. Customer reviews also may play a role in unearthing the reliability status of a pharmacy. When you plan to purchase from Mexico, take time to identify a suitable vendor.

They are many out there, some legit, some fake selling counterfeits and low-quality supplies that can affect your health

They are many out there, some legit, some fake selling counterfeits and low-quality supplies that can affect your health. Do not transact with any vendor that will sell you drugs with no prescription. Mexican drug shops offer low prices for their products that can lure you into buying from them at the first meet. Before you invest, just be sure that you will get value for your money.


Online shopping is now a trend that has taken the pharmaceutical industry by storm. It has made access to medications comfortable and with many conveniences. Mexico online pharmacies have not been left behind. There are a good number of them in Mexico selling medicines to locals and people across borders. Most of the drugs sold by the stores are locally made, but others are sourced from India and other parts of the world. There are legit drugstores in Mexico known to sell quality, genuine and safe drugs. It is good to know who you are purchasing from so that you can be guaranteed of safety. This is because the Mexican market is clear meaning it can be infiltrated with scam sites whose objectives are to steal from unsuspecting clients. Most top rated stores are good to take orders from. You can narrow down to the only accredited vendors. You can check with our top rated stores whenever you want to refill your drugs.