Natural remedies for piles

Natural remedies for piles are extremely effective when you used it correctly and most people prefer these remedies than to those conventional and medicinal treatments available. It is because some of the surgical processes or procedures are painful, and with long time to recovery, which can reform or redevelop piles you are trying to get rid of. There is also a tendency that those natural remedies are somehow less effective than those prescriptions supplied or brought over the counter, but this is not the case for such conditions.

Natural remedies may lose their effectiveness because you stop taking these remedies or your body is already immune to such remedies. By these, you must know how your body would react if you take such remedies. Take note that such remedies are effective when you use a simple self help measures to relieve the symptoms of having a pile. There are incidences that long term sufferers have spent so many years finding the best cure and buying costly products, but these give them a short term relief and done nothing to prevent symptoms from coming back. If you are one of them, then you do not have to suffer for long because there is a growing trend for using natural remedies wherever possible. These are economical and do not have unpleasant side effects associated with conventional drugs and medications.

What are piles?

A pile or piles are hemorrhoids, clumps and masses of tissues in the canal of your anal that become inflamed and irritated. They are full of support muscles, tissues, elastic fibers, and blood vessels, but these are extremely painful and excruciating when something touches or makes contact. Piles are internal and external, so do not focus in only one because you might suffer more than you think. External piles develop or grow outside your anus and are extremely painful depending on the exact location and size. While, the internal piles may not be painful, but are itchy, can cause internal bleeding, and stick outside of your anus.

There are 4 distinct types of piles. Piles do not bulge from your anus in the first degree, so you do not know they are there even they are already building up. You do not know that you are having them and this not always a good sign. In the second degree, the bulge will slip outside of your anus during your bowel movements, but slip in back on their own. In the third degree, the bulge will slip outside of your anus and will just only go back inside by pushing them. The bulge in the fourth degree will stay outside permanently of your anus and can no longer push back inside.

How to Shrink Piles Naturally

Few natural remedies for piles that ease some of the symptoms are available anywhere. However, if you want to eliminate this condition for good, then you need an appropriate systematic approach that suit your lifestyle and prevent which causes this condition to develop in the first place. Keep in mind that there are various causes of this condition and the two most common are pregnancy and anal intercourse. However, you can avoid piles just by doing something so simple, a natural self help measure that will give you some symptomatic relief.

You need to apply a covered cloth with ice pack directly to the piles when you already have them. Make sure that you have to do this slowly so that the inflammation or irritation of these will gradually disappear. You can take warm or hot baths daily just to soak these bulges or you might even do it twice a day if the symptoms are severe. You must to drink plenty of water to keep your stools soft and squishy, so it is not painful when you poop. Use moist, wet, and unscented wipes after pooping and allow the affected area to dry possibly and naturally.

You must also increase the amount of fiber in your diet by eating green, leafy vegetable, and fresh fruits. Fibers are responsible for helping you have an easy secreting your bowels. Try not to strain yourself on the toilet, so consider taking something that can soften your stool when you are having difficulties. You need to avoid eating spicy foods because these foods trigger and irritate this condition. As a result, taking natural remedies for piles are the most effective way of relieving you from this condition!