Order Medicine Online Without Prior Prescription: Is It Safe?

Order Medicine Online Without Prior Prescription

Prescription drugs are one of mankind’s most life-changing inventions, especially since they have been able to change the course of human medicine and health treatments. However, for all the good that they can do for us, getting them is not usually pleasant or easy. The only way to get many medications is to get examined by a doctor and be prescribed the medication that you need. Even then, going all the way to the drug store and waiting in the queue can be a cumbersome experience. For that reason. Many people are considering to get their meds a different way: By buying them online through over the counter pharmacies.

Online pharmacies are meant to emulate pharmacies in the real world, but with more convenience. Picture this: You’ve gotten a prescription for an important medication from your doctor, but you realized that there will probably be a huge queue waiting at your nearest pharmacy. What’s more, you fear you may be judged for whatever it is you may be buying. If you go to an online pharmacy, you can just sit at home as you pick out your medication from a list of names and then choose a payment option that will send the money when you purchase the drug. After which, all you will need to do is live your life while awaiting the package’s arrival. You can also expect the prices to be much lower than average at an online store.

NABPs List of Suspicious Sites

NABP’s List of Suspicious Sites

However, it goes without saying that you cannot actually buy legitimate medications without a prescription. At the top of the list of reasons why a pharmacy would not be considered safe for customers to use is the line that says that selling medications without a prescription needed is an illegal action. You could find places on the internet that do so, but not only would you be putting yourself at risk for fake drugs or getting swindled out of your money, your orders could be taken away at Customs if you decide to buy from a foreign pharmacy, and thus you’d be wasting your hard-earned cash, as well as be receiving a warning from the government.

Order Medicine Online Without Prior Prescription India

One popular country from where desperate customers from Western countries like to turn to would be India, which has recently grown its pharmaceutical industry into one of the largest in the world as a producer of generics. Since different countries have different policies on prescription medications some drugs that need a medication in a country like the US may not need a prescription for purchase in India. Some people may exploit this in order to get meds they need without having to go to the doctor for an examination. However, this is still a highly risky business and you’ll need to find reviews for legitimate pharmacies unless you want to get scammed by the thousands of fake Indian online pharmacies out there.

Order Medicine Online CVS

Some of the more reliable online pharmacies to engage with our ones owned by big chain pharmacies like Walgreens, Kroger and CVS Pharmacy. Since these pharmacies are already well-established in actual locations, then they can be better trusted as companies and medications vendors. For someone who is savvy with using the internet will find the process more refreshing than waiting around. You simply have to sign up for an account and you can more easily manage your own prescriptions and those of your family.

CVS Pharmacy Homepage

CVS Pharmacy Homepage

The downside to patronizing an established business like CVS Pharmacy is that you can’t really expect the prices to be much different from what you’d find normally. While purely internet pharmacies have utilized the fact that there is a lot of competition for the same medications, but companies like these must adhere to the prices of the medications they have across all stores, which is not a small price at all.

Order Medicine Online Near Me

One alternative that people do to balance between their spending and make sure they have enough security is to search instead for the drug prices themselves across multiple different stores. In the US, there is a large disparity between the prices of drugs in pharmacies, so if you have a way to look for the lowest prices, you can save yourself a lot of money and trouble. One way you can do this is to use GoodRx.

GoodRx Homepage

GoodRx Homepage

This app is used by typing in a drug name, which will instantly appear as a list of different prices with the pharmacy of origin placed right next to it. You can then input your location and find out the nearest drugstore that can give you the product. Unfortunately, this app is only good for people living in the US, and unfortunately, unless you plan on going to the pharmacy’s website, you can’t order the medications directly from them.


Ordering medications online without prior prescription may seem harmless enough when you try to justify your reasons, but the fact still stands that it is illegal to not only sell them but also to buy them. You could end up with more than a few lost dollars. You may even be given a product that is dangerous to your health, or you may be given a warning by the authorities if you are found without a prescription for what you’ve received. Many foreign countries are offering to send medications to Western countries without prescriptions, but these are more likely than not scam sites selling counterfeit drugs. Even with minor variations, most drugs around the world will require a prescription internationally.

Another alternative to patronizing such sites would be to go through some big-name pharmacy chains that have their own websites from where you could order, or you could use different websites and apps to find the lowest prices on these already existing top-tier drugstores. However, you can also look through our list of recommended and legitimate online pharmacies here.