Order Prescription Drugs Online: Is It A Legitimate Business You Can Trust?

Order Prescription Drugs Online

The internet has become an avenue for communications, business, and development on a worldwide scale. We can do things that would never have been dreamt possible, such as being able to buy things by just typing in what we need and clicking a button that will have it sent it to us. One of the businesses that continue to appear by the hundreds every day online is the sale of prescription medications. How does something like this work, and is it safe to use for the thousands of people going online every day?

Online pharmacies began emerging back in the late 1990s and ever since then, they’ve become a huge hit with thousands of people from different countries around the world. But why is this so? One big reason is that of convenience. You can simply sit in front of your computer at home, log on to your account on a pharmacy website, and then order your prescription from there. All you’ll need is the copy of your prescription form from the doctor and a bank account so that you can pay for the order. Then it will get shipped straight to the address that you’ve specified.

Another big reason for favoring an online site instead of an actual pharmacy would be the price of the medications. While there are big chain pharmacies like Walgreens that have decided to make websites to cater to their customers who want to use the internet to order their drugs, the prices would be more or less similar to the ones you’d find in the store. For independent online stores, however, the prices can often be up to half of the original because of the massive amount of competition found online.

Order Prescription Drugs Online Canada

Some of the biggest players in this business venture are the Canadian online pharmacies, which are one of the most popular kinds of pharmacies to patronize, especially if you’re talking about the US buyers. Compared to the US prices, Canada’s prices are much more affordable and it is much quicker to have the orders shipped from Canada to the US than anywhere else. There are even Canadian pharmacies that will make it easier for US buyers by giving them shipping for free.

Canadian Pharmacy Homepage

Canadian Pharmacy Homepage

Proper Canadian websites are much harder to come by than a fake pharmacy, sadly enough, since it is so easy to fake a proper business and there isn’t a good amount of restriction or regulation for such illegal activities. However, you can utilize numerous websites to find out whether the one you’re looking at is legitimate and reliable. CIPA, the association made up of licensed Canadian pharmacies, examines the credentials of different pharmacies and then gives them the seal of approval that they can display on their respective websites. Another site, called Pharmacy Checker, gives reviews for sites and even gives you the list of credentials they have completed.

Order Prescription Drugs Online India

India is another pharmacy-filled country that has interested several international customers. The country has grown to be one of the world’s largest producers of prescription medications, particularly the generic versions of said drugs, making them much cheaper than the brand-name drugs since the production value in a country like India is lower.

Net Meds Homepage

Net Meds Homepage

Contrary to popular belief, Indian medications aren’t rip-offs. However, like every country, there will be a few bad eggs amongst the good ones, and the number of persons who claim to have been scammed by an Indian company was likely tricked by an independent vendor that was selling counterfeits hat had nothing to do with the original product. However, it seems that most of the legitimate Indian pharmacies are ones that delivering only within their own country, so those who are planning to get their prescriptions imported will have to look elsewhere.

Order Prescription Drugs Online Without Doctor

One of the greatest temptations that come with ordering prescriptions online is the option to get prescription medications without even needing the prescriptions. There is no end to the number of online pharmacies that are offering to sell controlled substances over the counter, and they’ll even try to assure you that they’re legitimate products, too. Of course, it is 100% illegal to try and buy or sell any medications in this way, and you would simply be setting yourself up for a scam that could’ve been avoided.

A Pharmacy Homepage that Sells Drugs without Prescription

A Pharmacy Homepage that Sells Drugs without Prescription

While there are a number of pharmacies out there that are allowing you to buy meds without a prior prescription from a doctor, this is because they have medical professionals on call that will give you a consultation in real time and look over your medical information to see what the best medication would be for you, then prescribe it to you on the spot.


There are many reasons why people would prefer an online option to buying their medications. One of them would be how convenient it is to just order what they need from the comfort of their homes, and all they need to do is wait on their couch for the package to arrive. Another is that the price becomes much lower when you order from a place where the competition for drugs is high and so they need to keep lowering the prices.

Ordering prescription drugs online can be a huge risk to take if you’re not aware of how to properly choose an internet pharmacy to trust. However, there are still several out there that will put their customers’ needs first and provide reliable medications. These online pharmacies exist all over the world, from Canada to India, and while there are vendors taking advantage of the inexperience of the masses, looking to verification sites like CIPA, Pharmacy Checker, the NABP, and eDrugSearch can help you find the best choices. You can also look through our top recommended online pharmacies listed here.