Pet Choice Pharmacy: A Trusted Source of Pet Products

Pet Choice Pharmacy

Pet Choice Pharmacy is a trusted online store located in Belleville US which specializes in the sale of pets’ treats, supplements, as well as other health products. The pharmacy was established by people who had a common interest in pets and had suffered enough trying to look for an affordable source of pet health products. Their main goal was to ensure that pet owners had an easy access to high quality and affordable products. To achieve this, Pet’s choice Pharmacy was established.

The brains behind this pharmacy use the products that are sold in this pharmacy to take care of their pets which is a clear indication that the products sold at Pet’s Pharmacy are legitimate. To buy prescription drugs from the pharmacy, you must provide an original prescription which must meet the standards set by the pharmacy.

Pet Choice Pharmacy has employed licensed pharmacists who ensure that all prescriptions, both new and refills are well filled. They also provide advice on the best drugs to give to pets, how the drugs should be administered and inform of drug interactions.

Pet Choice Pharmacy only offers its services to the residents of the United States and cannot, therefore, ship drugs outside this jurisdiction.

Pet Choice Pharmacy Reviews

There are a lot of positive reviews from customer who have ordered pet products from Pet choice Pharmacy most of whom are really pleased with the fast delivery of customers’ orders. Traci M says she was glad at how fast her order was the delivered and the prompt reply to all her queries. She says she will definitely buy from the pharmacy again. Susan Chmielewski says she had been shopping from a number of online pharmacies but the services offered at Pet Pharmacy were really good. She had requested the pharmacy to contact her vet to get a prescription for her pet and she was amazed to know that in just four days, her vet had been contacted and her order placed in the delivery van. The pricing of the pet products at the pharmacy is also very affordable. To make it easier for her, the details of her pet’s condition are saved in her account making it easy to reorder without having to give the details again.

Pet Choice Pharmacy Customer Reviews

Pet Choice Pharmacy Customer Reviews

Debra E. is another happy customer who says that the pharmacy has put in place measures to ensure that communication with the pharmacy is fast and easy. She has been getting all her pet prescription from then and she has not had any problem. From all the above reviews, it is a fact that the delivery services at Pet Pharmacy are very fast and they have a well-coordinated customer service. They will respond to a customer’s request promptly and ensure that the client’s demands are met within the shortest possible time.

The customer service number is clearly displayed on their website and any unanswered call is responded to within a period of 24 hours.

Lambert Pet Supply Pharmacy Laws

For your prescription to be accepted at Pet Choice Pharmacy, it must contain the following:

  • Name of the pet’s owner and the animal species
  • Drug name
  • Drug strength
  • Dosage form the drug should be supplied in
  • How to use the drug
  • Date the prescription was issued.
  • Total refills that should be dispensed
  • Name, address, state license number, phone number, and signature of the veterinarian.

For a prescription to be accepted by the pharmacy, it should only be faxed by the veterinarian who issued it.

If the owner of the pet wishes to send the prescription personally, it must be through the mail and the prescription must be original and not a copy.

A pet owner may pass the contact details of her vet to the pharmacy who will, in turn, contact the vet to get the prescription. This process is really fast and in only a few days the order will have been shipped. If you fail to provide a prescription ten days after placing the order, the order will be canceled and you will have to place a fresh order when you get a prescription.

If the products ordered do not need a prescription, they will be shipped separately and will not have to wait for the order that requires a prescription. You have to be completely sure of the drug you wish to order as you cannot cancel an order that has already been shipped. You can, however, cancel an order that is yet to be approved by placing a call to the pharmacy.

How to Order from Pet’s Choice Pharmacy Kansas

To order prescription drugs from Pet choice Pharmacy, you must have an original prescription. If you do not have a prescription, you will give the vet’s contact details to the pharmacy that will get in touch with him for verification of the order.

To order online, you will log in to, select the items you wish to buy, and add them to cart. In addition, you will submit information regarding your vet and your pet as well. Once this process is complete, your vet will be contacted to issue the prescription. If he confirms that indeed your pet needs the drug ordered and approves your order, will mail your order to Pet Choice Pharmacy who will send the drugs to you on the next business day.

Photo of pet prescription drugs

Photo of pet prescription drugs


Pet Choice Pharmacy is a reliable source of pet health products that have been supplying high-quality drugs to the residents of the United States. The shipping of a verified order is done within the next business day, unlike other pharmacies that take a long time to process and deliver an order. The pharmacy has put in place strict measures to ensure that what is sold has been prescribed by a licensed vet. This is done by ensuring that only original prescriptions are dispensed and they should also be dated. The pharmacy has employed qualified pharmacists who ensure that only what is in the prescription will be delivered. Always ensure that you buy from such verified sites to avoid buying fake drugs online. If you need help with identifying credible online pharmacies, you can check out our list of Top Online Pharmacies and make a choice among the listed pharmacies.