Pharmacy Online 365: Don’t Trust This Store Too Soon

Pharmacy Online 365

Pharmacy Online 365 has been in operation since the year 2012. This is a pharmacy that claims to offer the best services including very cheap drugs and fast shipping. Although pharmacies will tell you everything that they think that you need to hear so that they can get a chance to take your money, it does not necessarily mean that you have to trust them. For example, Pharmacy Online 365 website looks attractive, but from the evidence that we have managed to gather, trusting this store would be a huge mistake.

They don’t have any positive reviews. This is the first red flag that we came about. By viewing their website, you cannot find any about page. Their pharmacy reviews button does not work. They don’t seem to have any approval from any of the organizations and boards that regulate online pharmacies. The best way that you can surely know whether ordering your meds from Pharmacy Online 365 will be a rewarding activity is via reading the reviews from people who have used it.

Is Pharmacy Online 365 Legit? Customer Reviews

We were able to find some very limited reviews for pharmacy online 365. These reviews were all negative. They are as follows:

Pharmacy Online 365 User Testimonial (source: https://www

Pharmacy Online 365 User Testimonial

The above reviewer is a college student. He says that he had placed an order for Adderall at pharmacy online 365 and he had paid using PayPal. He was sure that if the deal appeared to be a rip off he would complain to PayPal and get his money back. He did not receive his Adderall even after thirty days of waiting. He disputed his charges via PayPal and he was refunded. His drug arrived 2 weeks later. This was 2 months since he had placed his order. He received 30 pills which were poorly packaged. The pills even appeared to be wet. He placed another order for Modafinil. He only received half of what he had paid for after waiting for a long time. He advises against using the site.

pharmacy online 365 User Testimonial (source: https://www

pharmacy online 365 User Testimonial (source:

Dave Angel says that they took his money on 29th March 2017 and they did not deliver anything. They never respond to his phone calls or when he uses the contact us form on their website. He advises against using the people. Joyce Perry is also against using pharmacy online 365.

From the reviews and the analysis from various services available online, it is clear that seems to be not the pharmacy of choice. For this reason, we recommend you not to order from the store. Instead, order from one of the pharmacies that we have proven to be safe and placed on our top-rated list.

Pharmacy Online 365 Coupon Code

Coupons are great. They are a great way to help drug consumers save their money. However, rogue pharmacies still use these to make people think that the drugstore is about to offer them a huge discount before they lose their money. By all means, pharmacy online 365 fits the definition of a rogue store. This has already been proven in the above reviews and reports from Scam Adviser and Legit Script. However, this store was offering coupon codes:

Pharmacy Online 365 Coupon Code

Pharmacy Online 365 Coupon Code

The first code that they had on their website claimed to offer any buyer a 10% discount when they use their promo code. They claimed that this code was expiring on 31st March 2018. We also found another offer that supposedly allowed buyers to save money when they purchased drugs from their website.

Pharmacy Online 365 Bitcoin Promo

Pharmacy Online 365 Bitcoin Promo

The second offer involved a 20% discount when the buyer paid via western union or bitcoin. There is a reason as to why rogue stores will promise that they will offer you a discount when you pay via bitcoin or western union. You cannot dispute your charges if you pay through either of these methods. This makes it easier for them to steal from you.

In order to avoid being stolen from, stick with using credit cards as the payment method. You can dispute credit card charges. Also, stick with legit pharmacies such as the ones that we recommend to you. Rogue stores will steal your credit card information.

Pharmacy Online 365 Adderall

Adderall is a drug that is specifically used by patients who are suffering from ADHD. We were able to find this drug on Pharmacy Online 365. Its costs were as follows:

Pharmacy Online 365 Adderall Price

Pharmacy Online 365 Adderall Price

Although the pharmacy seemed to have great prices for their Adderall, each pill varying between $5.99 and $5.49 when you purchase either 30 pills or 60 pills, it is not advisable to order from the pharmacy. We have pharmacies which are better and approved to be legitimate. Ordering from these pharmacies will allow you to save more money and receive genuine Adderall.


From all the evidence that we were able to gather, Pharmacy Online 365 fits the description of a rogue internet pharmacy. For this reason, you need to reconsider your decision if you were thinking about ordering from them. We offer you numerous legitimate drug stores to choose from. These can be found on our top-rated list.