Sierra Pet Meds Reviews: Revolutionizing Online Pet Care

Sierra Pet Meds Reviews

Many pets become precious companions and members of the family during their short lives, so it is imperative that they are given the best care, especially when it comes to their health. Such problems like heartworms and fleas can severely ruin a pet’s daily life which would ultimately affect yours, too.  With that, there are stores now that cater specifically to the needs of pets. However, the internet has taken it one step further, and now, just like pharmacies catered to human medications, there are not online stores selling pet health products, like Sierra Pet Meds. is an online store that has been in operation since 2009 and helps pet owners by dispensing reliable and effective treatments to preventable conditions in pets. Right from the get-go, upon visiting Sierra Pet Meds website, you’ll be greeted with a white and clean homepage that shows you a variety of different aspects of the store. If you sign up to the site by creating an account, you can do several things that will benefit you in the long-term, such as being able to check your products out more quickly, view the history of your orders, track your package’s journey to you, and even save numerous shipping addresses. Along with the guarantee of quality in their given products, they also assure new and returning customers a sense of security and trust when they order.

Great Service Leave One Reviewer with a Good Impression

Great Service Leave One Reviewer with a Good Impression

While words are all well and good, they don’t mean much if the business doesn’t back up its claims. The testimonials section of the website gives us a many positive reviews that praise the cheap prices and great service of the company, but if the words appear on the website itself, you have reason to doubt the authenticity of it all, as they could have easily chosen only good reviews to post and left out the bad. Thankfully, however, it seems that customers who provide a personal account of the site are pleased by their service, too. Many say they were “impressed” by the professional and immediate response of customer service, as well as the proper handling of their packages and the quality of their orders. It seems safe to say that you can put your money on this business.

Sierra Pet Meds Coupon

Sierra Pet Meds has saved thousands of people on purchases that would have otherwise given them a hard time financially. If you check their list of bestsellers and new arrivals, you can see that they’ve slashed off the regular prices and have much lower price tags compared to your usual veterinary stores. In fact, the site assures that you’ll find prices are about 20% off of the norm, and coupled with worldwide shipping, you’ll have fewer expenses to worry about.

A Few Different Discount Coupons for Sierra Pet Meds

A Few Different Discount Coupons for Sierra Pet Meds

Aside from just these low base prices, there are coupons available, even on separate websites, that you can use to get 5% of a purchase or $5 off a $100 purchase, to name a few. You can also create a store account for rewards on a point system that you can spend as a returning customer. They reward things like simply creating an account or referring the website to a friend in order to gain points that can be converted to discount and savings.

Sierra Pet Meds Address

The company address places itself in Nevada, USA, though many people seem to be skeptical about this due to the fact that the drugs are sourced from several places, such as Australia and Europe, and some customers worry that their ordered products may not be so safe and secure after all. However, newer clients should rest assured, as the orders so far have been the exact ones requested and of the appropriate quality, as confirmed by several other customers. One issue that doesn’t seem to be affected by the address, however, seems to be the shipping of the company, which continues to be a fast delivery and is free of fees.

Discount Pet Medication Reviews

Now there is another website out there that also operates as a pet store called Discount Pet Medication, and if you compare its website with Sierra Pet Meds, then you will notice off the bat that they are one in the same business. It turns out that the site has two different domain names, with Discount Pet Medication being the alternative business name to Sierra, while still maintaining the same website.

A Highly Positive Review for Discount Pet Meds

A Highly Positive Review for Discount Pet Meds

Needless to say, the reviews on these sites would the same, given that they are the same entity. However, you can still find reviews directed to Discount Pet Medication, such as the one above, which still give a telling account of the exceptional service provided by the business. While not every review is a positive one, they still far outweigh the negative reviews.


Sierra Pet Meds has been a reputable website for many years and continues to serve its many customers with great service and dedication. The prices for their effective products are much lower than the usual that you’d find in a regular vet shop. Becoming a member and regular customer can have plenty of perks, as every purchase you have comes with a corresponding number of points that you can spend for discounts and cuts on the price. You’ll even find plenty of coupons that will drive down the price even more.

There is a lot of evidence that the store caters well to its customers’ needs, and just by checking the multitude of good reviews, you can be sure you’ll be treated well. Though the company does resource much of its stock from other countries, this has actually helped in lowering the price, and the products are still guaranteed to be exactly what you ordered. If you need help finding more online pharmacies, whether, for pets or humans, you can find a great selection of top picks from our list here.