Sildenafil Spray: An Appealing Product but Unapproved by FDA

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Men have always been eager to find ways to improve their sexual health and performance. From the sexual practices that make them better at the bed to the sex enhancing foods and drugs, men have always been in pursuit of the sexual wisdom and know-how to satisfy their partners in sexual intercourse. But because of aging and other factors that affect the body like depression, anxiety, and stress, many men have succumbed to many illnesses and conditions that are damaging to health. One of them is known as Erectile Dysfunction.

Erectile Dysfunction is a sexual health issue in men where the penis can no longer function in its normal erectile response. In this condition, men are no longer able to have erections or can no longer sustain their erections if they even succeed to have one. Because of their state, most men with ED have resorted to harmful vices like smoking and heavy consumption of alcohol making their conditions worse. Erectile Dysfunction has also proven to be devastating to relationships since couples can no longer enjoy their sex life, resulting in frustration in men and loss of self-esteem. The number of men experiencing this condition is actually alarming as half of the men who are over 40 years of age have it.

We have no way of knowing how men dealt with this issue in the centuries and decades past but we are lucky that Pfizer has discovered Sildenafil and introduced the drug as Viagra back in 1997. Ever since then, it has never been the same. Men can now brush ED of like a silly joke with a single blue pill. Sildenafil has indeed worked wonders in the male body, reversing the previously dreadful effects of Erectile Dysfunction and allowing men to have erections that last longer and are even stronger than what they have in their younger years. Sildenafil has brought the fire back in relationships and also restored the lost confidence in most men.

With the advancements in medical technology, Sildenafil has also been developed into different forms of administration to make them more enjoyable to take such as oral jellies, chewable tablets, flavored pills and the latest one which is Sildenafil oral spray. Trials for this form of Sildenafil has already been conducted for as early as 2010. The results were promising as it was said that it would have a faster speed of action compared to the regular oral administrations of the drug.

Viagra Oral Spray

Though promising, the product is still not available in the market. An Australian company, SUDA Ltd., has already obtained a patent for the Sildenafil oral spray but so far, no updates have been given as to when this variant will be released. The idea of an oral spray came up because of the need of a faster-acting type of Sildenafil.

What’s available in the market as of today are only the pill forms of the drug which according to studies have a lot of drawbacks. According to these studies, the pill form of Sildenafil is not actually metabolized by the body 100% but only the 70% of the drug is being used. Aside from the slow onset of action, the pill form of Sildenafil also has multiple side-effects especially the dosages above 50mg. These side effects include nasal congestion, urinary tract infection, stomach upset, palpitations, rash, severe headache, diarrhea, dizziness, abnormal vision, loss of consciousness, and cardiac risk.

Lysto Oral Sildenafil Spray

Lysto Oral Sildenafil Spray

Some brands like Lysto Spray have already emerged in some markets around the world. This oral spray was manufactured by a Colombian pharmaceutical La Santé, whose market is limited only to the Latin American countries. Though it appears to be legitimate, there are no reliable customer reviews for this product and the fact that it doesn’t have the approval of the United States Food and Drug Administration (US FDA) makes this product unsafe for use. There are many other brand names on the internet regarding Sildenafil oral sprays but like Lysto, these products have also failed to obtain the approval of the US FDA and other regulatory authorities in other countries. These products may be effective at some point but without the approval of the health regulatory agencies, these products are not 100% safe and are potentially dangerous to health.

Viagra Spray Price

Since there are no available Sildenafil sprays which are legitimate in local pharmacies and online, it’s not possible to know what their prices are. But some products of this type, even without the approval of FDA and other regulatory authorities, are still being sold to customers online. Their prices range from $24 USD to $30 USD per 20ml bottle and measures 10mg of Sildenafil each spray. These products claim to cause an erection in just a minute or two, compared to the pill form where it should be taken 1 hour prior to the sexual activity. It might sound great but without the approval of FDA, the safety of its use is not guaranteed.

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Viagra Spray Pfizer

A spray type of Viagra has not been developed yet by Pfizer and its only available Viagra product is the hard pill. For its other Sildenafil brand Revatio, an IV formulation of the drug is available for patients who have PAH.

Revatio IV Label

Revatio IV Label

It is only used for patients who cannot take the drug orally due to health conditions. Other than the hard pills and IV formulation of Sildenafil, Pfizer has no other forms of the drug.


The oral spray of Sildenafil might sound appealing but because it is still unproven and still hasn’t been approved by the FDA, it is unsafe for use. Patients might have the idea to try it out but it is not recommended as it carries great health risks. For now, it is safer to use Sildenafil tablets as they have already been proven to work with overwhelmingly positive results and great reviews from users. FDA also certifies them to be safe so patients should have no second thoughts about using them. To obtain Sildenafil tablets from a reliable pharmacy, visit our List of TOP-rated e-pharmacies.