Tramadol Online No Prescrip – Is it Possible to Get Tramadol Without Rx?

Tramadol Online No Prescrip – Is it Possible to Get Tramadol Without Rx

Tramadol is a strong pain-killing drug only available upon the provision of a valid prescription. This product is available at local drugstores as long as buyers are able t However, most consumers with the need for the product are running out of options, especially since some doctors are cutting their Tramadol supplies because of possible physical dependence on the drug.

Tramadol Online 2017: Can I really purchase this product without a prescription?

The drug Tramadol is well-recognized for its ability to mitigate pain in patients. It has a function similar to narcotic pain relievers since it functions by altering how the brain “feels” and responds to pain. It is taken only as needed, in 50 to 100 mg doses every 4 to 6 hours—the dosage can be increased by 25 mg increments as tolerated but the maximum daily dose for this drug is up to 400 mg a day.

Although helpful in relieving pain in the patients, the drug is causing side effects in patients like the following:

  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Constipation
  • Lightheadedness
  • Drowsiness
  • Dizziness
  • Severe abdominal pain
  • Seizures

Because of the addictive nature of this drug and its risk of inducing side effects in the patients, the dispensing of this product is strictly prescription-only.

Tramadol Online No Prescription

However, patients have found a way around Tramadol’s prescription system and were able to source the drug online without even submitting their prescriptions. Some online pharmacies are capable of offering Tramadol without so much as asking for any form of doctor recommendation for Tramadol.

Some online pharmacies are too lenient and allow their consumers to purchase their medicines—even Rx-only ones like Tramadol as long as they have the money to purchase the product. These online stores only “strongly recommend” the consumers to consult their doctors before using the drug, but do not actually require some form of action from the clients.

Not all online pharmacies are illegal, though. There are some online drugstores that are asking for valid prescriptions from their consumers and in some cases, are also offering free consultations for their clients. To help you in locating good online stores to shop Tramadol from, keep in mind the following things:

  • Make sure that the stores you’re planning to buy from are asking for valid prescription or are at least offering valid medical assessments to make sure you’re qualified to take the drug
  • Read customer reviews for the shop—look for online pharmacies with good reports from third-party websites
  • Verify the accreditations showcased by the store in question; make sure to check if the CIPA or Pharmacy Checker seals advertised by the store are real (check if the store is actually included in the databases of these organizations)
  • Check if the shops are selling legitimate medicines and none of those un-labeled drugs from who knows where
  • Test if the customer support team of the website in question is reachable and their numbers fully functional

Beware of stores offering questionably low prices for Tramadol since they are highly likely scam stores. The FDA and the international drug regulation committees are prohibiting the sale of Tramadol without prescriptions online, so make sure to purchase from websites boldly advertising the sale of Tramadol sans prescriptions.

Tramadol Online Reddit Reviews

Naturally, consumers are attracted to short-cuts in real life, like purchasing Tramadol without prescriptions. We searched for online evidence of prescription-less Tramadol purchase on several forum sites and looked for buyer opinions on the matter.

No Prescription Tramadol Forum on Reddit

No Prescription Tramadol Forum on Reddit

Sadly, the no-Rx Tramadol forum on Reddit was recently banned due to its violation of Reddit’s policies involving illegal transactions concerning prohibited services or goods.

Forum Comments on Tramadol Online No Prescription

Forum Comments on Tramadol Online No Prescription

There are actually mixed reactions from consumers regarding Tramadol purchases without prescriptions. Most of the buyers have good reason to prohibit other buyers from purchasing Tramadol without Rx. According to Steve 1, consumers should not purchase Tramadol without Rx since it may be a ground for arrest. He also mentioned that in the UK, patients can get their Tramadol without Rx through the help of a registered local drugstore and an NHS prescription.

Michele28539 also agreed with Steve but sadly mentioned that some of the forum members were able to purchase their Tramadol without prescriptions.

Forum Comments on Tramadol Online No Prescription

Forum Comments on Tramadol Online No Prescription

George981 is one of those consumers—according to him, he was able to purchase his Tramadol without Rx at some online drugstore but had no problems with the order process and the product.

Forum Comments on Tramadol Online No Prescription

Forum Comments on Tramadol Online No Prescription

Donna1960 also boldly stated that she’s purchased Tramadol online because her doctors cut her off from the medication. She mentioned purchasing her Tramadol from some online pharmacy and described that her meds come in “blister packs” and are possibly not inspected by an FDA agency.

Forum Comments on Tramadol Online No Prescription

Forum Comments on Tramadol Online No Prescription

One of the more neutral comments was from Aga13429, who mentioned that he sourced his medicines from a specific “legit” online drugstore with affordable prices. According to him, however, consumers should look into the integrity of the online pharmacies they are shopping from so they won’t end up getting fake medicines.

Review for No-Rx Tramadol

Review for No-Rx Tramadol

Besides the forum comments, we also spotted reviews for Tramadol on one website offering Tramadol without Rx. Of course, since the comments were found on-site, the reports for the product were positive, with the consumers stating that the drug was effective for pain relief.

Tramadol Online Purchase: What are the outcomes of purchasing Tramadol without a prescription?

Contrary to the possibly premeditated comment for the no-Rx Tramadol, a study from the Journal of Medical Internet Research called “Health Outcomes in Patients Using No-Prescription Online Pharmacies to Purchase Prescription Drugs” from Cicero and Ellis found out negative outcomes in the use of no prescription Tramadol bought online.

According to the study, non-traditional users of who purchased the no-Rx Tramadol online experienced more severe adverse events including seizures classified as life-threatening. The study concluded that patients are drawn to the use of online pharmacies offering no-Rx Tramadol but should exercise caution in purchasing these medicines due to the potential risk of greater adverse events due to the wrong dosage and adulterated or counterfeit products.


Tramadol is a leading pain-relief drug and though available at local drugstores, is sought at online pharmacies. Some patients can purchase Tramadol without prescriptions, but this does not mean that they should since the no-Rx purchase of any drug is potentially harmful to an individual’s health. Before purchasing Tramadol online, make sure to consult your doctor first and look for reliable stores like the ones included on our list of TOP Online Vendors.